Shokworks, a Dallas based studio, signs with eGoGames

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Shokworks, a Dallas (Texas) based studio, signs with the Spanish mobile eSports platform eGoGames

  • High Speed Hands will be the first project. It’s a skill-based game that consists in detecting the best Poker hand on the table in the least time possible
  • The Spanish start-up locks its growth within the sector, being supported by some of the main game developers in the world.

The agreement is part of the growth strategy of eGoGames in USA, where most of their users are located.
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Madrid, September 9th, 2021 – The mobile developers from Dallas (Texas) Shokworks have signed an agreement with the Spanish eSports mobile gaming platform eGoGames for the exploitation of High-Speed Hands, an ability game that consists in detecting the best Poker hand on the table in the least time possible.

This game, like all the games on the eGoGames mobile esports platform, will be a competitive mobile arena for users all over the world. The patented software of the Spanish start-up guarantees a fair matchup between players of the same skill level, resulting a fair and fun competition just like traditional sports do; now at your fingertips!

Alejandro Saez the CEO of eGoGames, values these agreements, because “one of the strategic objectives of the company was to have the support of the big mobile games developer. Signing with Shokworks located in Dallas, is a great accomplishment and one we feel proud of ourselves. High Speed Hands, is the first of a long list of collaborations that will be announced in the coming months”.

From Shokworks, Rob Huxley (SVP Business Development) said, ”Skill games are the fastest growing gaming sector in the world, and High Speed Hands is not only a fun and exciting skill game, but it’s also a great training tool to learn the game of poker – We are excited to showcase our game with eGo Games powering the new age of functionality and features for skill gaming worldwide”.

The use of eGoGames’ software in multiplayer games, allows you to play against other users around the world, through a wide variety of competitions, such as bracketed tournaments, head to head duels or live-streamed events. In every gameplay, there won’t be annoying ads interrupting, creating a unique user experience for users (play for free unlimited times without watching ads) and an innovative yet highly profitable monetization system for game developers.

Besides this, eGoGames allows users to win real money prizes in classic games such as Solitarie, Bingo, Bowling, Basket, Candy Blast, Bubble Shooter and many more. This is achieved by integrating eGoGames’ software in a growing catalog of more than 50 different games, in which users can compete and win cash prizes in a fair and fun way. The introduction of new games on the eGoGames platform has been growing substantially in the last months, in 2020 eGoGames signed 20 games, and, in 2021 the growth has been second to none, with 30 new games released in the first 9 months, and many more to come!

That’s how eGoGames has been able to win the trust of mobile game developers from dozens of countries internationally, such as; UAE, Philippines, Estonia, Israel, Georgia, UK, Brazil, China, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic and USA.

Our mission is to keep incorporating new games to the platform, continuing with thematic and personalized tournaments for our talents and brands. Giving prizes in kind or experiences in 100% skill-based based mobile games with fair matchups.” added Saez. “That’s why our latest incorporations are to cover a wide range of games for all types of users, such as: Basket, Bowling, Soccer, Races, Tennis and even about cooking and delivering thanks to our partners of La Gran Familia Mediterranea”

eGoGames now works closely with two big charity organizations: Global Gift Foundation (with Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria) and Unicef Spain. The partnership with these organizations is based on creating Charity eSports competitions where talents from all over the world join to provide prices and experiences for their fans, achieving a massive combined reach and thus, collecting funds for the philanthropic initiatives of the organizations. These tournaments are taking place under ‘Gaming For Global Gift’ (Global Gift Foundation) or ‘Gaming For Good’(Unicef) initiatives.

About eGoGames

eGoGames, is the leading eSports platform for mobile games in Europe, it has a proprietary algorithm capable of matching players with the same skill level: Creating a real competition between users from all over the world, with similar level of experience. eGoGames was born to disrupt the mobile game industry, creating a new monetization ecosystem that replaces Ads and IAPs with eSports competitions. This also creates the figure of the professional mobile eSports athlete that can practice for free and make a living out of these competitions from their phones.


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