One more step towards the professionalization: The Spanish Federation of Videogame and Esports Players is born

Madrid, 11 November – The Spanish Federation of Videogame and Esports Players (FEJUVES) is already a reality. The non-sports and non-profit entity has been established for the purpose of adding value to videogame and eSports players. From FEJUVEs they emphasize that “the professional segment will advance in collaboration with the main professional esports clubs nationwide and always hand in hand with the sector”, said Marco Antonio Ramos, president of FEJUVES. “We are a representative platform where players can present their objectives, needs, criteria and recommendations”.


One of the main strengths of this federation, unlike others that have emerged in recent years, is that it will be made up of both amateur and professional players. It will be a meeting point between them. 2019 was one of the years marked by exponential growth for casual and hyper-casual games, according to According to New Zoo. Hyper-casual will go on to establish itself as a genre on its own and advertising is quickly becoming a huge source of revenue for gaming developers. Last year, most game studios in the casual and hyper-casual space started merging their monetization activities.


The fine line that separates the pro player from the casual player is increasingly blurred. This new federation of players helps to integrate both actors into the scene. The Sport Mobile League eGoGames gives casual gamers the opportunity to become pro through extra income. They earn money while they are playing their favorite game: rewards based on their ability. Any casual gamer who wants to play a fair game where you are matched for skill? Take a walk in eGoGames…



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