All eyes are on mobile esports: Newzoo reduces its esports market forecast for 2020 due to lack of in-person attendance at esports events

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Madrid, 21 October – According to the most recent report by Newzoo, an intelligence firm dedicated to analyzing esports and video games, global esports market generate $950.3 million globally in 2020. This means that NewZoo has reduced its global esports market forecast for the third time this year. The firm’s original forecast, made in February, was that the market would reach $1.1 billion, up from $950.6 billion in 2019. Two months later, the company dropped its forecast to $1.059 billion and then reduced it once again in July to $974 million.

The adjusted revenue number is mostly attributed to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, after many of this year’s esports events have been either postponed or canceled. In addition to tickets to the event, fans are no longer making impulse purchases of merchandise due to event excitement.

However, the esports audience itself is not smaller and the number of organizers has not been reduced either. This is because esports have different aspects and one of them is supported by an unstoppable growth trend. We are talking about mobile esports. Classic esports depend on a more complex infrastructure that includes teams, stadiums, or speakers while platforms focused on mobile esports, such as La Liga de Esports Mobile eGoGames, have managed to transfer all the competition environment to a smartphone. This has many advantages, especially in a pandemic situation like the one we are experiencing, since it allows gamers -pro and non pro –  to continue their training, competitions or simply play, from a safe environment, that is, from home.

Not only do we help to minimize the risk of contagion, but the ease of consuming this type of esports compared to the more traditional esports is clear. Do you have a smartphone? All gamers, welcome to our platform, in which any player become professional gamer. In the dairy competition we organize, everybody can play and win prizes and money.


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