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A new study published by OMG Fuse y Statista ensures that in 2025 a third of the income generated by eSports will come from mobile games.

Madrid, 10 October – A few years ago, mobile use in esports was completely residual, but a mobile’s competitive gaming higher participant numbers, monetization %, and revenues vs PC competitive gaming meant a very promising future for mobile esports. We have checked it in certain countries, where it has already displaced PC esports.

According to a recent global study by OMG Fuse and Statista, in 2025 a third of the income generated by eSports will come from games that are consumed exclusively through the smartphone or tablet.

The industry seems to have it clear. Mobile games are available exclusively on smartphones and tablets. There are so many games 100% focused on the mobile channel such as Vainglory, Clash Royal or Mobile Legends. This means a substantial difference with other titles, accessible from the computer or the game console.

Meanwhile, important startup events such as South Summit are beginning to focus on platforms that have developed their own mobile gaming technology. La Liga de eSportS Mobile eGoGames was selected as a finalist in Consumer Trends.

Alejandro Sáez, CEO, was able to explain to the attending public the company’s business model as well as the figures that guarantee future success: Thanks to a wide spectrum of games for casual players, La Liga de eSports Mobile can meet

the entertainment needs of large groups of players, beyond those in love with video games. All from a device that fits in your pocket and more economically acceptable than a console. Investors, stay tuned.




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