Changing the game: women in esports

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64% of gamers in The eSports Mobile League eGoGames are women

Madrid, 25 September – A European study published by PayPal and NewZoo has analyzed the eSports ecosystem, among other things the growing role of women as consumers. The conclusion is clear: Across the entire market, more women are becoming interested in esports. Around 60% of respondents agreed that the number of women participating in esports is growing. Nevertheless, the female esports audience have spent money on esports products in the past year. While women prefer physical esports merchandise, men tend to prefer in-game cosmetic items, like character skins or stickers.

If we look at Spain, the figures change positively. Almost a third of the total viewers of esports in European, specifically 32%, is represented by women, a figure that increases in Spain, where 36% of the esports audience is female. Spain thus becomes the country of the European Union in which esports is most popular among women. Spanish women who consume esports content are also the ones who spend the most on products in the sector (56%).

If women are fattening the viewer list, it is not too hard to guess that this will pave the way for a more equal esports landscape at all levels. That is why the industry must be prepared. Because this is already a reality. We are no longer focus in a 100% male audience, but women are more present than ever as a target.

It is clear to The eSports Mobile League eGoGames. This is because we soon segmented our audience and realized the different profiles and needs. We focus on developing games for minorities, casual gamers, or for traditionally underserved markets. The results are here:  64% of our gamers are women.


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