Increasing awards in esports mobile leagues

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At the same time Tencent reveals PUBG Mobile World League with nearly $1M prize pool for pros, eGoGames launches a new tournament for any user with €125,000 in prizes

Madrid, 18th June – eSports industry is affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and events of different games have been cancelled. Many PUBG Mobile offline tournaments have also met the same fate, with many of the LAN finals either postponed or shifted to a fully online format. PUBG Corporation has just officially announced that the 2020 edition is going fully online and will be called PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero. The Director of Global Esports, PUBG Mobile, James Yang, has announced this year’s prize pool is a whopping $850 thousand. If plans continue smoothly, the PUBG Mobile world championship will occur towards the end of 2020.

Forty teams across the world will be divided into two regions, East and West, to compete for an $850K USD prize pool. This is the largest single-event prize pool in PUBG MOBILE history. With the reveal of PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero, excitement for a new structure awaits fans and pros. What an ideal world in which you can earn money playing your favorite video game! Too bad this is reserved for the lucky few. Or not? There are some platforms in the world where anyone can become a professional esports player and earn money. One of them is eGoGames, the Madrid-based creator of a mobile e-sports platform. The company created the first European e-sports platform for mobile devices that guarantees equal skill in competitors, providing a fair match. The Spanish startup was founded by two young entrepreneurs, who understand the dream of becoming a professional gamer.

How do they get it? eGoGames organizes its own leagues and tournaments, open to any user who wants to generate extra money thanks to his smartphone skills. From last Sunday June 14th until July 15th, eGoGames will distribute € 125,000 in prizes. The eGoGames Leagues are fast, lasting about five days, a fact that appeals to the most casual gamers. It has easy access, as it allows the user to compete in simple games against other users of the same level.


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