Earn extra money, one reason why 2020 is the year of explosion of mobile esports

The Introduction of 5G Networks, major titles and attracting non-gamer users via smartphone pave the way for mobile esports

Madrid, 12th June – Don’t think that Covid19 crisis is the only reason that has fueled esports this year. The pandemic has only accelerated the trend, which is based on many variables. Undoubtedly one of the reasons is the appearance of platforms that attract public by offering them to earn money while they are playing their favorite game: rewards based on their ability. The first European mobile esports platform, eGoGames, has got to eliminate the component of luck allows them to train, be better, become professionals and earn money with their skill and effort from their mobile.

The numbers support the growth of esports. It is expected that wagering will reach a staggering $12.9 billion in 2020 alone but considering most of the world is in lockdown mode, that figure could climb even higher. An article published on esportsjunkie website points more reasons for this mobile esports boom.

Because of the lack of a high-speed reliable connection, mobile gaming has not quite been able to reach its potential. Until now. With the already decent 4G and with the introduction of 5G networks, mobile gaming is now a serious proposition.

Major titles are no longer only for PCs and consoles. Mobile esports is growing in credibility and in the quality of games available. Familiar titles from traditional consoles being released on mobile. Best example are Free Fire and Call of Duty.

80% of people who do not list gaming as one of their interests are nevertheless still playing games on their cell phones on a consistent basis, said Ben Hill, the editor of the article. The fact that we all have a smartphone helps a lot to consolidate the numbers of mobile esports.

So, everyone ready because the 2021 figures are going to blow your mind. Next year awaits us

new releases, new partnerships, and a better understanding of the overall market, which will help drive (even more) mobile eSports.


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