What if your own game were included in the list of the most popular mobile esports games in 2019?

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Madrid, 4th June – No one can doubt that the lasts months has undoubtedly been a big one for mobile esports, which has turned from a mere outsider into a real esports powerhouse over just a couple of years. If these trends will continue, it is entirely feasible to see some representatives of PC gaming being completely crushed by the pressure of the mobile industry, according to Esports Charts, a Kiev-based analytics service.

The agency that monitors viewership statistics at esports events has published the most popular mobile esports games in 2019. The hours watched of every esports event belonging to each of the disciplines were considered, sans the data from the Chinese platforms.

Arena of Valor become the most viewed game of the mobile esports. Also known under such names as Garena RoV, Honor of Kings and Lien Quan, has managed to collect a total of 72 million hours watched over the past year. The peak viewers indicator has amounted to 764 thousand viewers and was achieved at the World Cup 2019. A battle royale, PUBG Mobile, has reached the second position, managing to collect a total of 55 million hours watched in 2019. Its most popular tournament, PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split Global Finals, has gathered 596 thousand peak viewers.  Free Fire has earned the bronze medal, which has managed to collect a total of 38 million hours watched over the past year and 2 million peak viewers mark achieved at the Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio event.  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the next esport game in our link, with nearly 30 million hours watched. This mobile MOBA has scored its peak viewers mark of 648 thousand people during the MLBB World Championship 2019.And finally, Clash Royale has gathered a total of 5 million hours watched and the season also had 133 thousand peak viewers.

However, mobile esports still have a long way to go. The industry is mature enough, and proves it, to keep moving forward. The time should come when every game become esports. For this, the skill of each player must be considered, in addition to the enormous streaming capabilities and the possibility of making the game profitable by the gamer. Offering any player the possibility of becoming a professional gamer and earning a living playing their favorite games translates into new technology that is ready to be applied. eGoGames allows installing a simple software to take that big step for video game design companies and freelancers. We have already convinced users with our own esports and tournaments and now we will get the companies in the sector. We will bring esports closer to all audiences by providing a new monetization and engagement system to the game studios in the market. A new era for mobile esports begins.