How a traditional sports clubs can turn to esports during lockdown

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Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) has chosen to partner with Allied Esports to introduce the LAFC Gaming Charity Challenge Series.

Madrid, 7 May – When Covid19 suddenly broke into our lives, it did so in sports and entertainment companies. The fans were left without seeing their matches, neither on the stadiums itself nor in their homes with the consequent economic losses that this implies. The situation is lengthening, and these companies are looking for solutions that will bring them benefits to alleviate the economic damages, avoiding the Covid19. Esports are shaping up to be a great solution for it. We can see an example in the solution that an American football club has found.

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) has turned to esports as an alternative channel for fan engagement and brand sponsor promotion. LAFC has partnered with Allied Esports to produce the LAFC Gaming Charity Challenge Series—a 10-game FIFA 20 series streamed live on Twitch to support Los Angeles-based COVID-19 charities. “Just because the world has hit the pause button doesn’t mean we’re going to let all of that effort and community we’ve built dissipate,” LAFC EVP and CBO Larry Freedman told The Esports Observer.

Despite the great growth of the esports industry in recent years in the world, the COVID19 crisis has further led to the opening of esports to a global public, including companies. For Los Angeles Football Club it is an easy way of not wasting the effort and community they have built.

For many of these companies and teams, especially those that did not have contact with the esports industry, it is more difficult to propose actions in this area. But they should not stop doing so. There are many companies that in recent years have developed esports platforms that we offer you today so that we can walk together. eGoGames, a creator of an esports platform for mobile devices, has its technology ready. At the beginning of the year we started to optimize our algorithm with the use of Artificial Intelligence, to create competitions that guarantees equal skill in competitors, providing a fair match.


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