The contagious ability to entertain in times of Covid19 that will overcome the epidemic

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This week we have read about how US rapper Travis Scott performed a live set inside the online shooter Fortnite and more than 27.7m players took part in the spectacle.

Madrid, 29 April – Many artists will be interested in giving a good show in this stage without capacity. After the five Travis Scott concerts in Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games has checked of what has given itself a success marketing move. After achieving 12.3 million simultaneous players as spectators of the first concert, the total figures now show an unprecedented number: 27.7 million spectators in three days. That likely includes millions of young fans. Research by Newzoo concludes that 53% of Fortnite players are between 10-25 years old. Besides, many more are expected to have watched via streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

It is not the first event experiment in.Fortnite. Previously they tried with hosting concerts inside its game last year as it held a 10-minute performance by Marshmello on February 2, 2019. More than 10.7 million players tuned in to watch the DJ perform hits. Live events have become a mainstay in Fortnite. Many players are now speculating that the second season of Chapter 2 will end with an event revolving around doomsday devices.

If the Travis concert has proven anything, it is the industry’s interest in live events. Players multiply and serve as a speaker through streaming broadcasts, reaching an almost unquantifiable audience. So streaming broadcasts are a treasure for esports. The first European esports platform for mobile devices in Europe, eGoGames. We were already aware of this digital advantage and included the streaming factor in all ours games and tournaments organized on the platform. In this way the players can demonstrate their skills to their friends and learn from their own mistakes.

The entertainment factor is key also in the esports industry. We have seen incredible audiences only focused on streaming, demonstrating the great ability of esports to only entertain viewers. The technology is ready in eGoGames. Do you dare to try it?


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