From university to your pocket: The democratization of esports tournaments is coming!


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Students from Stanford University had the brilliant idea of kicking off a deathmatch video game tournament in 1972 called ‘Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics’. They did not know that they were creating the first esport tournament. The prize was a subscription to the magazine Rolling Stone. Like any esports game, on that occasion players used their skills and reflexes to play a game, Spacewar, which requires practicing, concentration and several skills. A biology student called Stewart Brand was the winner and, and consequence, he is also the first player to win a video game tournament.

Almost 50 years later, world is plenty of players who desire to face their best friend, but they also want to play to their favorite video game. How can make it possible? Can you imagine a world where all the games become an esports? Can you imagine a bar full of friends playing a tournament of their favorite game? Can you imagine that you only need your mobile phone to play? Alejandro Sáez had that thought two years ago and founded a company to make it possible. eGoGames was born.

The technology developed by the Madrid-based startup creator of a mobile e-sports platform lets any game become esports and any player become professional gamer. In the dairy competition they organize, everybody can play and win prizes and money. They also offer the possibility that it is you who organize the tournament under your own rules and invite whoever you want.

Since Stanford, many things have changed. The only immutable issue is that we do like video games, we do like to compete and … why not make money and become a professional gamer?